Water Spirit.

Child’s Ghost at Water’s Edge.

David Calvert.

water ghost1

Becky’s Testimony.

“I have an e-mail friend in Australia who sent me a series of photos that she had taken. When I looked at this one I immediately saw the image of a girl child sitting near the water’s edge. She has a white long-sleeved dress on, arm is bent at the elbow and her hand is resting on her chin. She has cropped curly blonde hair and a hat on. She almost looks like she is posing for the photo. What do you think?”

Evidence-Based Image Analysis.

water ghost1 - CopyThe features that Becky described in her testimony are non-existent. This is a prime example of pareidolia – the brains propensity to try to make sense out of random patterns. What this image is really showing is nothing more than a trick of light and shadow. The “white dress” is in actuality the sky reflected on the surface water through a break in the tree canopy. The “arm”, “hand” an “chin” are not real. They are merely the product of the observers brain trying to make sense of the random patterning. Under high magnification, you can see a water ripple in front of the “face”.

CONCLUSION: Pareidolia,  created by light and shadow illusion.

© David Calvert 2011

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The Blue Ridge Parkway Ghost.

The Camping Spirit.

blue ridge ghost1

Marti Finizio’s Tesitmony.

Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina. He took this picture with his iPhone and uploaded it to Facebook. A couple of weeks after returning home, a Facebook friend noticed the little girl standing behind his friends, on the left side. He emailed me this picture directly from his iPhone, the same one that took the picture.

You can see the corner of the tent through the little girl and the pixelation is the same throughout the picture.”



My initial notes concerning the image are as follows: 

‘The girl’s left arm appears to terminate just below the elbow (might this be from a cropped image?)’.

The eyes appear reminscent of  a ”Grey” alien, rather than human. They hav a V configuration and the mouth seems anatomically disproportionate to them. This figure reminds me of a chil’s doll – which gives me grounds for suspicion.’

Evidenced-Based Conclusion.

Along with this image came the statement that the pixelation is ‘the same throughout the picture.’ However, on closer examination, this wasn’t the case – suggesting the image had been photoshopped onto the original.

Following a fortuitous meeting with a friend, Karen Han of  Ghosts, Hauntings and the Paranormal contacted me and informed me that she may have found the source for the little girl, adding, “It’s a real girl after all!”

She had run into an old friend, Mary Walhstrom, from the Central Paranormal Research Society (Cprs) in Illinois, whose FB profile pick matches that of the ‘ghost girl’. Mary, apparently,  had modified a photo from a costume website for the image on her FB profile wall. Karen conjectured that the North Carolina ghost photo may have been lifted from the same costume website and photshopped onto the original image.

blue ridge ghost2Using this profile pic as a comparison, It was easy to determine that this was the picture used to perpetrate the hoax – right down to the missing portion of the left arm.

© David Calvert 2011


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