Australian UFO Hoax.


fig 1

Figure 1  shows the UFO image, purportedly taken in Australia. It was posted on my Facebook page on 18, January 2016 by my son who wanted to know my take on it. The image has been shared widely on-line and is the subject of much speculation.
Because Facebook strips the EXIF data when photos are uploaded I began by searching out the original image so as to examine the data, an analysis of which showed nothing untoward. However, a good editor can cover his tracks with the right software to make it appear as if the data is untouched so I conducted a visual inspection of the photo. Here’s what I uncovered:
  • The ‘UFO’ is not reflected in the waters of the lake as it should be if it was a genuine solid object.
  • The pixelation pattern around the so-called UFO is different to that of the surrounding imagery, showing that some tampering has taken place. The clouds, I suspect have been photoshopped in areas in front of the object in an attempt to hide certain motif-like features around the “UFO”s rim. It also adds to the perspective illusion of distance and size.
  • On the far shoreline, there is a small anomalous rectangular light reflection. I believe this image was taken through a window and that the ufo and accompanying rectangle are nothing but internal reflections of objects within a room.
Further research into this image has revealed that it wasn’t taken in Australia, but in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Fig 2 shows the treeline matches the original image, though from a different perspective.

Fig 2

Fig 3 shows the interior of one of the lodges on the shore of the lake. Note the resemblance of the ceiling light fixture to the alleged UFO. Note also the small wall lamp to its left. Might the latter be the source of the small rectangular light source in Fig 1 ?


Note: On the date the picture was supposedly taken in Australia there was an actual thunderstorm that weekend in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Evidence-based conclusion: Hoax

© David Calvert 2016

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