About me

As a child I had a fascination for all things paranormal – a fascination which has remained with me throughout my life. Why the paranormal? Well, I guess it was primarily an outlet for my overactive imagination for one – an outlet that eventually ended up in me becoming a freelance writer of fiction and later on a magazine article writer.

My principal field of study is ufology and I’ve had work published in UFO Magazine (now sadly defunct), Prediction, and UFO Matrix. I’m now a fully qualified ufologist and have OCN qualifications in Historical Perspectives of UFOs, Alien Abduction, Theoretical Perspectives on UFOs, Research Methodology of UFOs, and Advanced Research Methodology of UFOs. With all this knowledge in my head It was inevitable that I would eventually become a UFO investigator.

My interest in psychic phenomena (ghosts, hauntings, and other paranormal phenomena) never really left me, but took second place to my ufological interests. In fact it was recently resurrected when I became an administrator for image analysis for a paranormal group. As you can imagine, I’ve waded through countless photos of alleged ghosts etc. and have had little time for much else. That’s not to say my life is completely sedentary and lonely, as I love to socialise and sing at the local karaoke bar at weekends. Some might think that sad, but it helps me unwind and I make no apologies for it.

As well as the paranormal material to be found on this blog I hope also to introduce you to my creative writing skills, in the form of new and previously published articles, short stories, and perhaps even a little poetry. You can also expect to find material on space and planetary exploration, hypnosis, religion, science, and  maybe a quiz or two for good measure. I look forward to an ever unfolding and  healthy exchange of viewpoints and discussion –  for  how often have we all witnessed at one time or another a banal conversation on the price of eggs gradually transmute into a completely different and  intellectually stimulating detour? 

Blogging is new to me and I ask for a little patience and understanding when visiting my blog. There’s much that I have to learn and I will, no doubt, make many mistakes along the way. Having said that, I look forward to some interesting constructive comments and criticisms.

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