The UFO Bug

An Analysis by David Calvert.

Denton UFO Sighting / Case: #114779

Witness Statement.

Got back from the pool hall around 9:45. Took my dog out for frisbee around 10:00.  About 15-20 minutes later I noticed an odd orange star in the treeline. Stared for a moment and went back to play. A minute later I noticed its speed increase and then three then a fourth one followed. I couldn’t believe my eyes. They almost looked like paper lanterns except a cold front was blowing southeast. It couldn’t be.  Air traffic going to DFW airport usually travel southwest or east. I snapped one shot on my iPhone and filmed the blinking three that stopped above and south from me. The lead light continued toward the roofline of my house. It was interesting to see them pulse and blink. The bottom light approached another light and it began to pulsate and dim out like an incandescent bulb. Eventually  the others blinked out, leaving the lead orb travelling west over 1-35. I ran to the other side of my house but lost it. These were no lanterns or aircraft. Please reply back. Somebody had to have seen this too.  Excuse the audio ( on video). I was awestruck and on weed. Thank you for your time “M”.

Link to videos (2):

After conducting some analysis work on the images I’ve come to the conclusion that what the witness saw was not UFOs, but IFOs (identified flying objects). My reasoning is borne out by the following facts:

The objects are not distant as appears in the video clip but are actually relatively close to the observer. Under high magnification you can clearly see they are between the trees and the observer and are not obscured by the branches in any way. The opposite would be true if they were beyond the trees and more distant.

denton fireflies 1


Under the same level of magnification you can see quite clearly that they have wings (green arrow) and are bioluminescent insects/bugs which bear the same morphology as one another. I believe them to be fireflies/lightning bugs.

In the witness’ full report he mentions how they ‘pulsed’, ‘blinked’, and ‘dimmed’. This is highly characteristic of fireflies. The primary purpose for a fireflies flash is to act as a signal to attract others. Attractiveness is proportional to their brightness, and for any two fireflies, the less brighter one will be attracted by (and thus move to) the brighter one, as appears to occur in the video. The brightness, of course, decreases the further they are from the observer. This he also mentions in his report.

That the objects appear to move randomly at times is also consistent with firefly behaviour. If there are no fireflies brighter than a given firefly, it will move randomly.

Interestingly, the chemically produced light given of by fireflies may be yellow, green, or pale red. Two of these colours are evidenced in the still images.

I looked at the final ‘still’ image, which shows a telegraph pole with a light, with the levels auto fix on. From this I was able to determine that the winged object at its 10 o’clock position was giving off a faint glow, further strengthening the idea of a bioluminescent insect.

denton firefly

Conclusion: is that he witnessed a swarm of fireflies, and the reason as to why he didn’t recognise them for what they were is readily obvious at the end of his report.

© David Calvert 2013

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