Planetary Exploration: Latest Update on Mars.

The Secrecy Agenda: A Turnabout?

David Calvert.

On September 29, 2011 the European Space Agency (ESA) announced that their orbiter spacecraft has discovered that the Martian atmosphere is “super saturated” with water. This is an extraordinary move on their part because of the secrecy agenda that has surrounded the Mars exploration programme from its earliest inception.  Thanks to J.P. Skipper and other like-minded individuals, evidence began to emerge that all was not right with the data being fed to the media and, indeed, to many of NASA’s and JPL’s scientists.

 Irrefutable Evidence.

[Image taken from Skipper’s # 209 report]

Mars water vapourAccording to previous data, Mars’ atmospheric water vapour is supposed to be an infinitesimal 0.3%, as opposed to that of Earth’s 1.00%. This image clearly shows this not to be the case. Nor is this image the only one of its kind. There are many images showing clouds of water vapour in the martian atmosphere such as the one below taken by the Phoenix lander from the surface of Mars and reported on by Skipper on March 28, 2009, Report #160.

Click on the link below to see an accelerated movie taken by the Phoenix Mars Lander of Martian Arctic clouds in motion.

From the foregoing observations it is made abundantly clear that academics and the scientific communities need to put on their thinking caps  and seriously re-evaluate their data.  This also applies to the media types who, for whatever reasons, have failed in their responsibilities to broadcast such momentous discoveries to the public at large.

Why is the discovery of a “super saturated” martian atmosphere so  momentous I here you ask?  To quote Norman Horowitz, Viking’s principal investigator, ‘… Without liquid water, life as we know it cannot exist …”  Since it is  now quite obvious that liquid water is present on Mars the odds of finding life have increased tremendously. To see just how prevalent life is on the supposedly dead world you are invited to click on the link provided here for J.P. Skippers Master Evidence  Directory.

I will assume that by now you have read at least one of Skipper’s reports from the above link and have checked out the official image source links to determine that the images really are as Skipper received them from NASA, et al, and are now asking yourself  how such earth shattering information could have been withheld from the public for so long, and why the scientists appear oblivious of it.

Here is Skipper’s take on it:

Scientists, Where are You?

What is really going on?

I trust the above sites have given you insights into the history and methodology of secret agendas and how they work, and why the scientific community appear incapable or unwilling to rock the boat with regards to it.

So why, after so many decades of deception, have NASA, JPL,  ESA, and other official bodies suddenly elected to ‘drip feed’ us with the truth regarding Mars exploration? I will leave you with an edited version of  J.P. Skipper’s speculations on the subject.

“The only thing I’ll observe is that obviously the academic and science communities will now be needing to do some very serious reevaluation of their Mars science and it is also nice for this work to be the recipient, even if off-handed and indirect, of this kind of validation. So in moving on my reporting here will be a combination of presenting some corroborating visual image evidence to this admission as well as a fair amount of speculation on my part associated with its wider implications.

Of course I doubt that this official release will get much wide-spread media attention here the USA anywhere near worthy of it but maybe I’ll hopefully be wrong about that. We’ll see. Remember now that water equals life! So obviously this “super saturation” terminology has all kinds of implications for the possible presence of Mars water and the life that it logically might enable. So here we’ll be going deeper with more speculation than is normal from me to try and help fit this information into a wider context.

In my opinion, the truth is that the world-wide black ops and secrecy agenda types so deeply involved in space exploration have in general been trying for years now via more subtle methods to jar the academic and science communities involved in that exploration into breaking their conditioning that the secrecy types are themselves significantly responsible for putting on them via inaccurate but key raw science data for decades.

Why? Well I suspect it’s because the secrecy super computer models have been predicting the imminent collapse of secrecy suddenly with little warning if things aren’t changed. That would likely then result in a major prolonged emotional flap that would in turn result in much mud-slinging and secrecy head rolling if there is no counter measure plan of intervention on secrecy’s part. Make no mistake about it, any sudden uncontrolled revelation like that not under secrecy braking control is most definitely not good from the secrecy point of view because it stands a good chance of getting out of control, drawing them and their past practices out in the open, and putting them at personal risk.

The trick is to get this psychological turn around in shaking off the conditioning to happen first in the academic and science communities. This will provide secrecy with the opportunity to influence smaller more manageable numbers of people who are already conditioned to respect and accept that control. This will in theory minimize any damage to secrecy.

So, from the secrecy point of view, the academics and scientists need to do an about-face and come to conclusions contrary to the present accepted manipulated consensus. However, it must appear that they’ve arrived at this slowly on their own rather than go through it suddenly leaving them floundering, upset, and looking for someone else to blame other than themselves. If the process is more gradual and thereby subject to elements of secrecy braking control, it will consist of at first a few scientists coming on board and then their trying to convince their peers based on the “new” evidence who will in turn increasingly try to convince NASA and JPL leadership that something is wrong and must be reconsidered in the research.

Then secrecy leadership will gradually after some calculated resistance allow themselves to be convinced by the growing numbers in the science and academic communities that the public of course places its faith in because of their “credentials.” At that point, I suspect their plan is that everything will be good because we’re now all perceived to be in the same revelation boat and the academics and scientists can be pleased with their enlightened selves for having led the way. Even if some come to suspect that all have been manipulated, they will not publicly acknowledge it for fear of also harming their own credibility in the process.

If this process doesn’t go just exactly according to plan and the secrecy agenda starts seeing too much public heat coming their way as the planning unfolds, anticipate that they will publicly grow suspicious that they too may have been manipulated and were perhaps a little too “innocent” and trusting of the accuracy of the incoming exploration science data and a little too trusting of the computer modeling processes itself. After all, who could have anticipated that someone not us (shift) was manipulating and corrupting the raw incoming research data? Again, with those adjustments made, we’re back to all being in the same revelation boat but now everything is okay because we’ve all learned and we’re the wiser for it.

Of course for such a plan to be successful it will have to ignore any reality that the space exploration research that has been released for public consumption so far is massively manipulated and has been so for decades reaching deep down into the university systems conditioning the future of science that is now our present. That inconvenience clearly demonstrates the intent somewhere on our side of things to manipulate, hide, and alter perception of the real research information.

Note also that it logically demonstrates that the real science research data and its real content hidden from public view does exist somewhere. The presence of this manipulation in the raw data means that someone on our side is fully aware of that real content and its power to disrupt and has chosen secrecy over openness. That includes knowledge of the presence of any others not us that they may wish to plead ignorance of as the plan develops and shift blame to in a false flag scenario if needed. To understand secrecy, you have to be able to think like them even though you may feel a bit dirty in the process.

Secrecy requires compartmentalization within its ranks to be effective and they are not a homogenous group to begin with. That means that decision-making extending from the top down often looses something in the transition. For example, those at mid levels are often accustomed to operating on their own in cells and their individualities can modify top decisions received. That in turn sometimes means that what actually happens is not exactly what was intended by the top. This problem is especially acute if that something is new and contrary to the old ways the rank and file are historically accustomed to.

The net result can be a mixture of actions that on the surface appear inconsistent with each other. For example, as per my book of evidence, the official visual MGS MOC science data released in early year 2000 is, although heavily obfuscated, actually at the same time sprinkled with small amounts of surface water evidence in a liquid state as well as vast forest evidence not all of which has been successfully obfuscated. The number of these cannot be adequately explained just by secrecy mistakes, incompetence, or my own judgment blunders.

I suspect that at some point in the past the secrecy top decision makers came to the conclusion that a gradual transition which they can try to control is the way to go. This is represented by number of surface water and bio-life discoveries made in the MGS MOC data time period as well as the subsequent MRO, Phoenix, and now ESA data. I also suspect that this conclusion of theirs was partially motivated by their perception of alien presence intent on riding the wave of coming change that we can all sense on the wind and their likely communicated determination to put a stop to any false flag tactics designed to deflect the change into easily predictable war, dying, and concentration of power into just a select few secrecy types.

It was into this developing scenario 11-12 years ago that my own investigative work made entry and survived even if it did meet with resistance and problems likely mostly generated by lower/mid level secrecy types not fully under control by the top decision makers who are themselves not fully agreed. I suspect some of the top-level thought to allow work like mine and others to continue in order to try and take advantage of it to hopefully help them in the process of jarring the academics and scientists into breaking with the past conditioning and hopefully beginning to think at least a little for themselves.

Unfortunately for them and for us, the higher education academic and science community consensus types have proved a very hard nut to crack partially because of the effectiveness of the past conditioning, inaccurate information, and the almost complete dependency now on computer modeling rather than mixing it in with sufficient independent thought. Also, partially because of egos refusing to admit errors in judgment and the ease with which they’ve been manipulated and scammed.

The truth is that little tid bits of truth as to the real atmospheric conditions on Mars are scattered throughout the official space exploration science data dating at least back into the time of the MGS MOC data. Question that? Note the visual evidence in the MGS MOC derived images included here in this report. Also, remember that visual clouds in the Mars atmosphere represent water vapor. You should know that the Mars atmosphere is supposed to be 95.32% carbon dioxide (CO2) with only a very tiny 4.68% shared by every thing else. In fact, Mars atmospheric water vapor is supposed to officially be only an infinitesimal .03% as compared to a full 1.00% in Earth’s atmosphere.

It’s good to be cautious but not blind. In addition to the images above, take a look at my Report #162 as well as Report #160 for more visual insights into the Mars water vapor atmospheric conditions situation. Incredibly, in Report #160, there is even a link to an accelerated video developed by NASA/JPL themselves associated with the time of the Phoenix Lander data to visually and actively push the concept of water vapor in the Mars atmosphere and push it hard.

However, the seemingly hard-headed and clueless scientists just can’t seem to grasp it even after officially being pushed at formal level and not just by independent researchers like me. Why? Because the scientists think they know that the Mars atmosphere at that infinitesimal .03% just will not allow it. After all, their computer models, thought to be objective, confirm it. Further, they know that NASA and JPL have been historically against this kind of recognition and guess who pays many of their salaries. Therefore is just can’t be regardless of the visual evidence or who presents it!

Remember, this kind of inaccurate older raw basic .03% water vapor data, that the new ESA Mars atmosphere super saturation release is so contrary to, is what is being fed into the scientist’s computer models. With generations of scientists being exposed to inaccuracies like this for so long accepting it as consensus truth and Mars rover images for example confirming nothing but the appearance of desolate dry sand and rock conditions, perhaps you can begin to understand how the academic and science communities can blindly peer following peer dismiss visual evidence to the contrary.

As you can begin to see in my previous reports linked here, the evidence of water vapor in the Mars atmosphere is not new at all as it has been a part of the visual exploration raw science data that has been subtly telling us of this for years, at least for any that can be objective. The only thing that is new is at last the now incredibly blunt revelation at official level of this super saturation aspect making atmospheric water vapor on Mars now ultra obvious. In other words, the problem isn’t with the evidence but with the highly educated (conditioned) human psychology determined not to see it.

Why do they not see it? In my opinion, it is because there is nothing good incentive wise in it for them to do so. No matter how one cuts it, a truth like this means a black eye for them. It always leads back in an evidence chain to them as being too gullible in not asking the tough questions to start with and allowing themselves to be manipulated so easily. In other words, again it is an ego/psychological thing. If leadership like NASA and JPL would just accept responsibility, that might take the pressure (blame) off of the general academic and science communities allowing them to see it better and quicker. However, for the leadership types, it’s a survival thing and so there you see the dilemma.

Remember the official reporting of dust storms that essentially temporarily blanked the bulk of the Mars globe obscuring it from view? Now that ESA tells us that the Mars mid level atmosphere is super saturated with water vapor, it’s easier to understand that very likely the “dust” concept was a misdirection orchestrated by the secrecy agenda. It should come to us as I’ve previously reported before that obscuring storms officially identified as dust has the same look to them as water vapor clouds when viewed from the imaging distances involved. In other words, it’s a clue.

One can perhaps understand the academic and science communities ignoring an upstart independent like me but official releases like this from a respected organization like ESA? Now I suspect that many of us know that ESA is in large part an extension of NASA and JPL. Therefore such a release would not happen without NASA and JPL’s approval. However, the lack of attention this is likely to get in the USA media demonstrates just how deep the past “higher education” conditioning is leading into very inflexible human behavior including at both science and media levels. Still, the bottom line is it’s okay you academics, scientists, and media, the official message is clear! IT IS OKAY TO SEE WHAT IS THERE, SO GET ON WITH IT! YOU NEED TO WAKE UP NOW!

Smaller more subtle clues in the data like 11-12 year old visual examples presented above have failed to jar the academic and science communities out of their conditioning, now the secrecy agenda is stampeding a bit by dual releases within a few weeks of each other confirming the presence of possible Mars salt (assumption) surface water in a liquid state and then this newest revelation of a super saturated Mars mid level atmosphere. Scientists, what do they have to do, spell it out for you in GIANT CAPITAL LETTERS or smack you? Surely you’re smarter than that, conditioning or no! Think beyond your computer models! Start for example by looking at the verifiable visual evidence here in this and previous reports.

 Let me make it clear, this last official release of Mars super saturated atmospheric water vapor is most definitely a game changer, depending on the targeted psychologies involved, and really risky business from the secrecy point of view. They may have done this release through ESA in case they need to try and sacrifice them and their credibility if the going gets too rough with such a bold move but I don’t think any of that will happen. The conditioning is just too deep. In my opinion, the secrecy types are getting very frustrated with the academic and science communities not picking up the ball and running with it when they want them to and in the manner they want them to.

Worse someone who isn’t us may be watching and judging all this poor human behavior. Sound like I’m going too far with that? If so, you need to understand that the secrecy agenda on our end would not deviate so from the old tried and true secrecy and delay tactic’s of the past unless they are feeling very pressed for time and “pressed for time” is a key piece of information here. I suspect their stampeding a bit may be the result of someone else’s implacable agenda playing out here and their finally fully realizing it. Logically I suspect the time of change is now just about upon us and we are about to learn some earth-shaking truths in the months and year or two ahead during which time the old will fall away and new will replace it.

Let’s consider some speculation that might test this same human behavior of reluctance in you and I. For example, the planet Earth we think is about 4.5 billion years old. The accepted general consensus is that man has been here for around 200,000 years with lots of disagreement on that and civilized for only the past 8000-9000 years with more disagreement on that and of course in our diversity we are found in plenty on every continent.

On the other hand, it appears that dinosaurs dominated Earth for roughly an incredible 160,000,000 years with that species also on every continent all around the planet and the most diverse land species ever with many being bipedal. We know that the principle of adaptive evolution does exist whether it explains our presence here or not, yet we are to believe that dinosaurs occupying every portion of this planet and super diverse also with bipedal adaptations did not develop beyond the primitive vegetation and meat chomping on each other animal stages of life in the 160,000,000 years available to them? It’s a tenant supported by the Earth’s fossil record that we’re known to have discovered so far.

Despite the fossil record, I find that hard to swallow. Why? Because I can think and I say it is something that needs to be questioned and alternative paths explored.

But, that’s not the point I’m trying to make here in this speculation. What if we were to learn in any coming change that what really happened was that the dinosaur species still occupies and dominates Earth in a different more original time line and that the past, present, and future we experience here represents a time line purposely altered? If a knowledge scenario like this started playing out in the coming change, would it cause you a problem? That question is my point.

In speculation, it’s the same with Mars and other planets as well as space itself. What if we learn that we have been heavily manipulated on so many different levels of perception? What if we learn that Mars has an atmosphere breathable to Earth humans with tolerable temperatures and water in a liquid state scattered all around that planet’s surface as well as vast amounts of life taking advantage of it? What if we learn that someone else with advanced technology is on Mars claiming it as their home and possession by right of long occupation?

What if such revelations in a chain reaction results in the realization that life is everywhere including on the other planets in our system as well as even our own Moon that someone else claims by right of long occupation? What if we learn that space itself around us is full of life, some of which might be hard for us to understand. What if we learn that we share this planet Earth with someone else not us and with an older claim? Ask yourself the question, is it too much or can you adapt?

In my opinion, although we may not fully recognize it yet, posterity will recognize this NASA/JPL/ESA admission as a turning point in our Earth human development history. It is a potential door of chain reaction knowledge that is just starting to open and what we Earth humans will eventually in the years ahead be facing as we dive down deeper into new knowledge that will be earth-shaking to so many of us because of our past isolation. It may be that in such a testing we’ll be like the current academics and scientists that can’t see the atmospheric water vapor for the clouds in the sky?

Once this door of knowledge is opened, it cannot be successfully closed again to shut off the content. It’s like eating from the forbidden tree of knowledge. Once done, simplicity is gone along with the ignorance of isolation. On the other hand, how can a race or an entity progress if not challenged with new things previously insufficiently considered? The question is do you want to progress or stagnate? Each of us must decide.

In my opinion, this bold but risky to secrecy move to at last reveal Mars super saturated atmospheric water vapor and opening that door, even if it is designed to preserve secrecy as a survival move, is welcome. It demonstrates that at least someone somewhere in the shadows is thinking rationally and recognizing the real problem, that it is with our own human behavior, and like it or not that we are all in the same boat as a race. However, it also demonstrates that someone better in the know that we are is perceiving by taking this much risk that time is either up or just about up and any time for delay is essentially over.

Now I realize that some will be offended by so much meandering speculation on my part in this report over that of my normally more reserved style. I do regret that. However, in the last 11-12 years of working in this field, one cannot help but develop a feel for its intricacies and implications. I’ve decided to share some with you here because of the importance and implications I perceive of this particular Mars water vapor revelation and where it may lead.

Just remember that most of this except for the visual atmospheric water vapor evidence is just one person’s opinion and perception. You must decide any degree of merit or lack of it for yourself.”

Joseph P. Skipper, Researcher 

Author’s Comments Update.

Since the recent release of  NASA’s extraordinary revelation concerning Mars’ super saturated  water atmosphere There has been little to no media information concerning it. I find their silence on this matter remarkable to say the least, given that such a revelation is potentially world-changing in its implications.

Has the world’s media suddenly become hyper-cautious about what it prints or airs? I don’t think so. In the past they have shown little or no regard for what they have disseminated and the lives and reputations they have damaged along the way.

Come on guys! What’s holding you back?  This information has come from an official body, and is not the ramblings of some deluded conspiracy theorist. It’s time to step up to the plate.

© David Calvert 2011

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