Ectoplasm in Old Changi Hospital, Singapore.

Changi Ectoplasm.

A Case Analysis by David Calvert.

 Foreword to Old Changi Hospital Analysis.

During the Japanese occupation of Singapore in WWII, Old Changi Hospital was used as an interrogation center and torture camp. Many who were incarcerated there died. It is hardly surprising  therefore that the derelict building is said to be haunted by those who suffered and died within its walls.

changi-hospital 3

Image One

changi1This shows the top of the staircase,under relatively normal lighting conditions, where the ‘ectoplasm’ was witnessed. It was photographed in close proximity to the security tape from the foot of the staircase.


Image Two

Here is the same area photographed from the foot of the stairs looking up.

changi 2

According to the testimony of the individual who took this photo (a member of a ghost hunting team) the picture was taken in complete darkness. He claims that they felt they were being followed by something and so turned around and snapped off this shot without using the flash.

Post-Analysis Comments.

If this photo was indeed taken in complete darkness, how can one account for the shadow cast by the handrail onto the wall? Furthermore, the security tape seen in image one shows how dangerous this area is, so who in their right mind would go wandering about in an unfamiliar and unsafe environment without the aid of a torch – which brings me to my next comment.

You will note the shape of the so-called ‘ectoplasm’ is elliptical. It looks very reminiscent of a torch beam being shone onto the wall at an angle. Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself. Note also the bannister rail, behind which the anomaly appears, is partially lightened at the front by the back reflection off the wall. This suggests to me that a torch may have been used to accomplish this ‘anomalous’ image.

Look at the light source directional arrow. At first I thought this was the direction and angle the light source had to have come from in order for it to attain its elliptical shape. My initial suspicion was wrong. For it to be true, the tear drop shape would have to be the other way around. The light is actually being projected from the left (as we view it). If one looks at the first staircase image, there doesn’t appear to be any viable way this could be achieved.

Might this be a photo of another stairwell? There is that possibility. However, what lends credence to it being the same stairwell is the security tape hanging from the raiI in both images. Look carefully at the upper portion of the  directional arrow on the annotated image and you can just about make out the shadow of the security tape seen in image one.

Given the reflective qualities and shape of the light would certainly suggest a torch beam hypothesis. How this effect was achieved however is open to speculation.

What do you think?

© David Calvert 2011

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